BMW FZV Antenna Amplifier Repair
Last updated February1, 2012

FZV Antenna Amplifier repair service. I am now doing repairs on this module. Cost is $65 including return shipping within the US. This module takes a while to repair so I don't offer my drive up service. Just drop off & pick up next day or mail it in. To arrange a repair either contact me via email at or call at 310-283-4273. I will not give you my address over the phone due to too many modules being sent to the wrong address because they wrote it down wrong. My address is only give via email. Before I allow you to send a module to me I need to hear your symptoms and determine if the problem sounds like a FZV antenna amp problem. In some cases the exact cause of the problem can not be determined. In those cases I offer a check out & test service for $25. If it is determined that the FZV is bad the $25 goes toward the cost to repair the module. The FZV antenna amplifiers in the picture above are for E46 sedan or coupe. They are not for the convertible or the wagon. The FZV antenna amp in the convertible is located in the rear view mirror and is a bitch to work on. Here is a write up -> E46 Convertible FZV. This FZV antenna amplifier in the wagon is located in the tailgate near the box. See the picture below.

Picture <-- Picture of the FZV module out of the car
Picture <-- Picture of the FZV module, component side
Picture <-- Picture of the FZV module, solder side
Picture <-- Close up picture of FZV key fob section
Picture <-- FZV on a wagon

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