Tyco V23086-C2001-A303

Looking for the V23086-C2001-A303 relay? I got them. $19 each including shipping within the US. If you are outside the US then add $4.50 for shipping. Contact me at scott@bmwgm5.com

For a little bit more you can also purchase from me via my eBay auctions.
V23086-C2001-A303 eBay Auction

This relay is used in the newer BMW GM3 modules, mainly used in the E53 X5 and late model E39 5-series.
When this part fails it usually causes intermittent problems raising or lowering the rear passenger door windows. Forum post regarding this problem X5outpost rear window thread. Read the forum thread from post #23 on.

This relay is used to control the rear windows in some GM III modules which mainly includes the E53 X5 from model year 2004. The small square relay on the module below is the V23086-C1001-A403. I have that relay as well.

Other relays I sell V23072-C1059-A208

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